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Highlights of the April 2017 Issue of PARAnews include:

  • 50th issue of PARAnews
  • Notice of annual meeting on 17 July
  • PA’s response to PIE questions
  • PAA/PARA social calendar for rest of 2017
  • Information on some of PA’s more challenging projects

Topics from Previous Issues include:

  • Presentations at the Annual Meeting by David Elton, Chairman Pension Trustees, and Anita Chandraker, Senior Partner in PA
  • PAA’s mentoring programme
  • A new look at private medical insurance
  • Social events
  • A visit to e-Go aeroplanes
  • Memories of colleagues who have died in the last few months
  • Fly me to the moon!
  • Project managing in Saudi Arabia
  • Teaching Bridge
  • What has PA done for me?
  • Chris Lee’s time working with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Liberia
  • Gambling in Liverpool
  • Pensions news
  • Cambridge OPALS
  • News from the Parrots’ cage
  • More than a refugee camp